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Kundli Association Services

Kundli Cold Storage and Ware Housing Association®, preserve agricultural produce for a fixed period of time (varying from one day and extending upto several months) at low temperature. Refrigerated storage helps in eliminating sprouting, rottage and tuber moth damage and in reducing weight loss of the agricultural produce. The edible products are generally not stored for more than one year. Several cold storages store perishable products which require the storage temperature as low as -25 degree celsius.As a general practice, the arrangement of products within the cold storage is managed by the cold storage staff members and not by the product owner, therefore the responsibility to deliver the product in appropriate condition, remains in the hands of the cold storage owner or the insurance company.

  • • Huge storing capacity
  • • Bulk storage
  • • Multiple products storing
  • • Hhygienic chambers- Deep Freezers & Cold Rooms
  • • Efficient, hi-tech, air handling units made of stainless steel tubes
  • • Thermal insulation with pre-coated sheets maintain store hygiene
  • • Mild steel grating ensure more hygiene
  • • Fully loaded generator backup of 500 KVA
  • • Stand-by compressor
  • • Automatic temperature and refrigeration control
  • • Eco-friendly central refrigeration